For Women Leaders

​​Do you feel stress when things are changing and it's out of your control? ​Women leaders fell extreme pressure to perform well when the challenges arise, but many of us withdraw in times of stress. When a leader enhances her resilience skills, she is better able to manage new challenges and getting things done.​​
For Women Leaders

Increase Your Resilience

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  • Video Lesson

    Self-paced for women leaders in male-dominated industries. Explores 6 ways to resilience to lead during times of crisis and change. There is a free bonus audio lesson the only version included in this workshop.

  • Guided Presentation

    Resilience is the secret that women leaders embrace change and lead during chaos and change. A detailed outline of the six ways to build resilience presentation as well as a printable pdf copy of the presentation.

  • Practical Solutions for Dealing with this Crisis

    We're in a life-changing and strange time where the whole world is rapidly changing. How does a leader support organizational goals and lead during chaos and change? Empathy and emotional intelligence skills are required to move through this era as a courageous leader.

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This training is perfect for this moment


This topic about resilience hits home for me. I've heard many people say you've got to be comfortable with the uncomfortable circumstances. Well, that sounds good until you're in it. This course opened my eyes to be comfortable with change and learning to adjust quickly to be successful. I'm looking forward to more of your courses.

Right On Time!


I needed this course with all we've facing. This was perfect timing! I also appreciate the additional resources for those who need additional practice outside of the course.

5 Stars


This is a wonderful training. Thank you so much!