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As a woman, you’ve never been in a better position to achieve your goals—but there are still challenges you must meet head-on in order to thrive. Have you ever been told (or felt) you’re too stiff, timid, aggressive, nervous, bossy, emotional, have a boring voice, or lack confidence? If you want to be considered leadership material, it’s essential to hone your verbal and nonverbal messages.
Accomplish Your Career Goals

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Successful managers get things done. Embrace the style of management that sets you apart TODAY. Using self-audits and in-depth skills exercises, you will explore motivation, delegation, coaching, communication, performance management and leadership.

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  • Jacqueline Twillie


    Jacqueline Twillie

    Jacqueline V. Twillie holds an M.B.A. in Leadership, she is the Founder and President of, a global training, and development firm that specializes in women's leadership within male-dominated industries. ZeroGap has been identified as one of the fastest-growing companies in 2019 by Inc. Jacqueline is a 2x Amazon Best Selling Author. Her latest book, Don't Leave Money on The Table is the go-to guide for women leaders around the world. She has been featured in Forbes, FastCo, Essence Now, Black Enterprise, Parade,, NBC BLK and more… on the topic of Women’s Leadership and Negotiation Strategy. Jacqueline is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University and earned her MBA from Tiffin University. Her life’s mission is to eliminate the gender wage gap by providing practical strategy for women to advance and thrive in leadership roles. In her downtime, she loves to practice yoga and cook. When Jacqueline isn’t working on leadership development for women she enjoys seeing the world from up in the air check out her skydive video on YouTube.

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